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Snøhetta has recently completed the ZEB Pilot House – together with Scandinavia’s Research Center on Zero Emissions Building (ZEB partner Brødrene Dahl), and Optimera. This gorgeous house is located in Ringdalskogen, Norway, and it is unique because it’s full of great architecture and fine technology.

The principal aim was to expand the ecological awareness in the design process and put this architecture as an example in the international scene. ZEB buildings are identified when they produce more energy than they import. The approach of the designers was to take advantage both passive and active strategies to accomplish this desired equation. At the same time, the great studio Snøhetta focus his efforts on comfort and sense of well being to maintain the qualities of a home – which is always important as much as the efficiency.

So we are in front of a great example of single-family home and also to a zero energy building that should pave the way for many others.

From the architects – (About strategies)

“Daylight, view, and contact with landscape and outdoor space is reconciled with the need for balancing sealed walls and windows. Heating and cooling is solved passively through placement of glass surfaces, orientation, house geometry and volume, and choosing materials with good thermal characteristics. Materials used on interior surfaces have been chosen on the basis of their ability to contribute to good indoor climate and air quality as well as aesthetic qualities.”

ZEB Pilot house - Snøhetta (7)

ZEB Pilot house - Snøhetta (8)

ZEB Pilot house - Snøhetta (6)

ZEB Pilot house - Snøhetta (1)

ZEB Pilot house - Snøhetta (5)

In these images – ©Snøhetta – you can better understand how the design was influenced by bioclimatic aspects and how the whole shape of the building was affected by the best orientation and by the choice to put photovoltaic panels on the coverage.

ZEB Pilot house - Snøhetta (3)

ZEB Pilot house - Snøhetta (2)

Via DesignboomLifegate

Photography  ©BruceDamonte

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