White Cassette, a multifunctional and minimalist apartment

Maxim Kashin Architects designed an apartment project in Moscow called White Cassette, which is inspired by 1970s experiments by Japanese architects to create modular structures for housing. The interior of the 42 sq.m. apartment is designed as a special box-transformer that opens according to necessity in relation to the various functional tasks of the residents.

The color white was selected as a symbol of purity, lightness, and airiness, while creating feelings of calmness and rejuvenation. The apartment includes a living room, a kitchen with a dining room, a cabinet, a separate bedroom with wardrobe, a bathroom with a shower, a storage area, and a laundry room. The design uses the principle of constructing Nakagin capsules to transform rooms to accommodate the immediate needs of residents, while completely concealing other functions that are not relevant to the moment or the immediate task at hand. The main space comprises an entrance hall, a dining room with a kitchen island, a kitchen, a living room, and a small office workspace.

The kitchen island serves as one of the main accents of the apartment, appearing as a sculptural element composed of three-dimensional shapes cutting into each other. The rails of the railings in the apartment serve as a functional element, providing narrow shelving space for storing small items. The bathroom also presents an original solution, where a luminous stretch ceiling not only brightens the space, but also serves as an accent element.

Architects/designers: Maxim Kashin

Photographer: Dmitry Chebanenko

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