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BAC Bostono

Last winter I’ve been to the BAC Boston Architectural College – I visited it from the point of view of an Italian architecture student. For this reason, my impressions are the ones of an outsider, not comparable to those that could belong to a  BAC student.

 BAC Boston

The structure is rude to the eyes of passers-by, it is a 70s brutalist building, poorly received at the time of its construction from the citizens, and still very visually impactful and certainly not in line with the context. A big beast made of cement. The faculty isn’t entirely comprised in this building. In fact, behind the block there is another building that hosts some other functions dedicated to the college. In this case, it consists in a restoration of an old building which in part still complies with its original function – a fire station. The charm of this facade and its interior spaces affect every student and also me, of course.

Its essence, however, is not in its shape or material, but in what it contains. A faculty of architecture interesting for all those who love the subject and want to learn it.

BAC Boston Architectural College (2)

BAC Boston

During my visit, I had the fortune to be accompanied by a student. He led me throughout the building while explaining the different spaces of the college and how they carried out their teachings. The BAC Boston College is very practical: starting from the first year of school, students are sent to do hands-on experience through internships in architecture and views through the site.

When studying in the classrooms, students have access to an entire floor,  that is very inspiring from an architectural point of view, where they can work with tables and models. All of this, in a shared environment that combines concentration and cooperation.

The courses never host a large number of students, as often happens in the Faculty of Architecture. Here the teacher knows every student individually and follows it closely.

The impression was so great, and if I were a citizen of Boston I would not have hesitated at the time of my choice, to come studying here.

BAC Boston

BAC Boston

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All photographs ©Luca Onniboni – (do whatever you want, reminding us)

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