Vijayawada Garden Estate – Bring the forest into a tower

Vijayawada Garden Estate

The concept is the same of Vertical Forest in Milan by Boeri studio, but the realization is a bit different. Both are great cases of architectural innovation.

Sinceraly I love this project, I appreciate very much the modularity and the great use of plants inside the building floors. I believe that it is a great concept, and it should be developed until the final construction.  So, we could compare it to the other realization of Boeri studio and finally choose where to live.

From the author  – chris precht – on the project’s page on Behance:

“In an age of mass-production and a certain conformism in the building industry, we try to use modern construction techniques to bring back a level of individualism and flexibility for the inhabitants of a high-rise. A kind of individualism one would have in building his own house. Therefore we divide a tower in its separate parts: the structure, walls, ceiling & floors, infrastructure, balconies and plants. “
“A grey water supply system collects rainwater on the roof and reuses it for watering the plants on the balconies. Air-purifying Plants will use the grid on the facade to grow along and, after some time, nature will be the main design-language and the architectural design takes second.”
“A modular system of a structural framework and functional plug-ins offers the residents a great amount of flexibility to design their own home”
Vijayawada Garden Estate diagram

Vijayawada Garden Estate project

Vijayawada TOWER

Building forest

Vijayawada Garden

Maquette Vijayawada Garden Estate

“For more information on the project , updates on the progress or a more detailed view on our work” visit the website or the  facebookpage

Via Behance

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