Towards the end of the empty cities

From tomorrow, May 18, 2020, at least for Italy, we’ll return to normality that is not normal in any case. Schools will remain closed, travel will be limited and there will be many other constraints to protect public health.

We will remember many things from this period, anxiety, concern, hope and respect. I also say respect because, except for isolated cases, most people have respected the directives imposed by various governments and I’d like to think that it was because we love our people and nation in general.

Now that this void is about to come to an end, for many it is already over after May 3, we should more than ever love ourselves, others and Italy.

I conclude this post with a collection of photographs that appeared in the New York Times when the whole world was in the apex of the coronavirus crisis.

Today they taste different than when I first saw them – and even though my thoughts still go to the many people who are fighting against this invisible enemy, and to all those nations that are still put in the corner by it – I share them today with the hope that they may be surreal images of an empty world that we hope we will never find ourselves observing again.

Barcelona, Maria Contreras Coll
Berlin, Emile Ducke
Caracas, Adriana Loureiro Fernandez
London, Andrew Testa
Los Angeles, Philip Cheung
Milan, Alessandro Grassani
Munich, Laetitia Vancon
New York, Victor J. Blue
Rome, Alessandro Penso
Sydney, Matthew Abbott

See the full gallery at the New York Times website.

Foto Copyright: mentioned to each photographs

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