The infrastructures beauty in 16 images around the world

Civil engineering masterpieces that express power just by looking at them. A power that is able to move vehicles, people and masses like no one would have dreamed before the 20th century.

Infrastructures that, driven by technological progress and collaboration between professionals from multiple sectors, tame the world according to human needs. By grafting works that appear to be on the same scale as nature. And this is just a very small taste.

Small, but still fascinating. We share this selection of images – of which unfortunately we have not been able to trace the original sources – starting from a community of infrastructure enthusiasts that is present on the Reddit platform.

A weir at the Three Gorges Dam in Cina
An highway intersection near Toyko
A railroad bridge in Brazil
Three generations of bridges in Scotland, Forth Rail Bridge 1889, Forth Road Bridge 1964, Queensferry Crossing 2017
The Veluwe in Netherlands, a great example on how infrastructure and nature can cohexist
Princess Juliana International Airport at Saint Martin
Liziba Station in Chongqing, China
Grande Dixence Dam in Switzerland
Hong Kong International Airport, built on an artificial island
Sart Canal Bridge in Belgium
Nardò Ring near Lecce, Italy
Beipanjiang Bridge in China
Øresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden
Houtribdijk highway in Netherlands
7 miles birdge in Key West, Florida
Millau Viaduct in France by Foster + Partners with structural engineer Michel Virlogeux

Photo copyright: Cover image by Luca Onniboni – other images

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