The design expedients of the small Kappa House by Archipelago Architects Studio

Kappa House

Japan is known for its minimal residences created in small spaces. Atelier Bow-Wow made us a whole book, and there are numerous publications of this kind.

Kappa House fits into this context. The house, designed by Studio Archipelago Architects, stands on a lot obtained from a portion of the neighbour’s garden.

The building to be designed was minimal even in size: it had to have a footprint of only about 23 square meters and a maximum height of 8 meters according to the local building regulations.

The architects thus conceived a series of design and technical expedients – including very slim floors – which made it possible not to miss practically anything in this house.

The central element of this architecture is the staircase that connects the three levels and acts as a distribution element and a structural element.

Another predominant feature of the project is the slim height of the floors. “This subtlety allows light, wind and human presence to spread softly in space, literally inextricably linked together.”

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