Studio Pizzi wins Premio Italiano di Architettura 2024 with Cantina Ceresé

Cantina Vinicola Ceresé in Lombardia has recently been awarded as the best new architecture of the year in Italy, winning the Premio Italiano di Architettura 2024. This winery, designed by Studio Pizzi, a interesting Milan-based firm led by architect Pietro Pizzi, harmoniously combines traditional elements with innovative solutions, blending the architecture into the landscape in a way that not only preserves but also enhances it.

For the 2024 edition, the jury – composed of prominent figures such as Lorenza Baroncelli, Stefano Boeri, Pippo Ciorra, Nina Bassoli, Cornelia Mattiacci, Sara Marini, Stefano Pujiatti, and Michael Obrist – awarded several prizes, the most prestigious of which went to Studio Pizzi. The project was selected from 32 candidates “for its ability to combine a pure geometry, such as the circle, with a strong connection to the territory and local materials” according to the jury.

We will soon publish a full article with a photo gallery and a detailed description of the project.

In the meantime, all the winning, mentioned, and highlighted projects of the Premio italiano di Architettura will be on display at the Centro Archivi MAXXI, open until September 29, 2024.

Photo Copyright: Francesca Iovene

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