Sound absorbing panels by Baux Materials

Even sound absorbing panels can be gorgeous, it is demonstrated by the founders of Swedish design studio Form Us With Love, last year have launched BAUX, a new brand taking construction materials such as insulation and turning them into architectural features. In a few words BAUX designs, produces and markets functional construction materials that meet the contemporary expectations of architects, engineers and builders. 

This year they have upgraded their collection with a lot of new composition and patterns – thus making Baux a company in growth and expansion. Architects from all over the world are just delighted about this. Because the possibilities of combinations and colors that are offered are really amazing. And the effect is able to convince even the worst of your customers that you are doing a great job with your intervention.

“We think building materials is one of the most exciting design opportuniites out there right now” – Baux Team

The idea comes from this convinction: “We think that building materials pose one of the best opportunities for design and design thinking (…) we’re here to explore an area where design values hasn’t been present before”  – says the founding partners of BAUX.

Their goal was to use materials that would normally be hidden, and rework them as elements that can contribute to the project of space – “Design hasn’t been an important factor [in this industry], but what we’re seeing now is that buyers such as architects or interior designers are actually asking for design values in materials that are normally purely functional,”  – BAUX.

If you want to discover more about these sound absorbing panels, visit the official site.

Sound absorbing panels









Sound absorbing panels

The brand’s inaugural product is a type of acoustic panel called wood wool. Made of spruce wood, cement and water, the sound-absorbent material also regulates heat and moisture. The main feature of these panels is that each one can be backed with magnetic pads to attach them to a metal base surface, so they can be rearranged and replaced. Wonderful.



They ship worldwide in any combination and in any quantity, and this is the page “How to order” Sound absorbing panels

Discover more about the architects behind these Baux in this video:

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