Ilanna Barkusky’s colorful sports playgrounds

In this series of photographs with the explanatory title “Color Series”, the young Ilanna Barkusky, photographer of Canadian origins, but now based in Los Angeles, expertly mixes sport with colour and gives us splendid visual compositions that are enhanced by chromatism and dynamism.

The subject of this series is not casual. Ilanna Barkusky is in fact a sportswoman by nature. Over time she has been able to combine her sportiness with her passion for photography, specializing as a sports photographer.

In her shots, she captures moments. The tension of the muscles combined with that place and that moment. Perhaps it is also for this reason that Ilanna also makes very short GIFs – media that are able to capture something more than a moment.

Photo Copyright: Ilanna Barkusky – – @ilannaemily

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