Piazza Del Campo in Siena – An example of public space

What does make a square a real square? What does make a public space a real aggregation space?
Is it enough to create a urban vacuum or the planning of these places has to include different spheres, among which the social ones?

We often see public spaces that have been really well planned, but lacking of their own reason for being.

This theme is one of the more discussed today. And ten blogs wouldn’t be enough to discuss it, maybe. Here we are just going to observe a public space that has been successful. Piazza Del Campo in Siena, Italy.

From this result we should understand which are the features that characterize it, going backwards, from the result to the project, rather than from the intentions to the projects.

Piazza del campo


All photographs ©Luca Onniboni – (do whatever you want, reminding us)

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