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Sometimes we can read or share something about the architectural culture, but reflections about this topic are often missing, there is a vacant place. San Rocco magazine is born from the exigency of having a new issue about architecture and from the consciousness of the wide discrepancy between commercial and academic publications.

The magazine was born at the Venice Biennale, from the collaboration of four different design studios, that decided to offer a contribution to the contemporary dialectic about architecture.

It is interesting to understand how San Rocco magazine is made: it has an academic appearance, it is written in English and it offers a gaze towards the past of architecture. It is also interesting the choice of how projects are represented: they are shown with axonometries.

The main reason for this choice goes back over the so called “nausea caused by renders”. And these are all features that make this magazine potentially, but also effectively, an excellent product. The only risk is represented by being concentrated on the past: this can preclude other options. “The young editors of the magazine represent the new generation of architects, a new generation that tries to move its first step and take the floor- for this reason they have to be let free to do and also to make mistakes, in case mistakes can produce new ideas”. This was said by a professor of history of architecture to San Rocco magazine’s authors.

Beyond the analysis of the past, we should push towards new contemporary themes, or even to future ones. In this context there is also the opportunity to discuss actual issues and redirect the future architectural production. This doubt could remain unsolved if we stop at a first level, but the authors, to an objection of this genre, would answer: “the issue of newness is irrelevant for architectural times”. Probably this is the point of their work: they want to talk about architecture- architecture meant as culture– and to do it, it is not necessary to talk at a present tense. This is a lecture on how to learn from the past even to solve future problems.

San Rocco Magazine
One of the illustrations of the books

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