Sammezzano Castle, an incredible abandoned place in Italy

Sammezzano Castle

The Sammezzano Castle is probably the most incredible abandoned architecture in all of Italy. The castle is of Moorish architectural origins, situated in Tuscany, not far from Florence, where reside ceilings, walls and foundations typical of splendid Moorish decoration.

Built in the XVI century, the castle was subsequently converted into a private residence of Moorish Revival architecture. The author of this audacious transformation was Ferdinando Panciatichi Ximenes d’Aragona (of Spanish origins). A political member in Florence during the 19th Century, who lived in this incredible castle for most of his life, dedicating body and soul to its revival.

After his disappearance, the Sammezzano Castle was neglected by the institutions, ransacked during the second world war, and eventually converted into a hotel in the post WWII period until it was sold in 1999. 

Sammezzano Castle

Nowadays the castle has an uncertain future. A few years ago it was purchased by an English company interested in converting it into a hotel once more, however ‘thanks’ to the crisis nothing has happened.

The following photographs were taken by Photographer Roman Robroek, a specialist in the photographic field of abandoned places. The images speak for themselves and highlight the incredible potential of this place. 

A location that evidently should become a museum, and moreover be better known at a national rather than international level. Leading this battle, other than the volunteers of the FPXA Committee (Ferdinando Panciatichi Ximenes d’Aragona), who work tirelessly to keep the doors of these ruins open on certain days of the year. A new association – Save Sammezzano, has come into existence. They have recently launched an online petition on The petition titled ‘Translate into reality the true calling as a museum of the Sammezzano Castle without sacrificing it for pure profit”, has incredibly already amassed signatures from more than 30,000 people.

Roman Robroek

Castello di Sammezzano

Sammezzano Italy

Roman Robroek


Edited by Olivia Labb

Foto copyright: Roman Robroek

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