Home (Design) Office: 10 Products to start designing your Headquarter

The new frontier of work, thanks to an increasingly ubiquitous connection in our lives and thanks to new technologies will be probably more and more the one of remote working. Smartphones have already started being part of this process, but what the smartwatch and especially Google glasses will be able to do is not measurable yet. Imagine you can talk to a colleague that is hundreds of kilometers away, but you can see in real time exactly what he is looking at – It is even more convenient than working in front of his desk.

If your ideal for a possible future workplace away from the traditional office, in the center of your trafficked and congested city, are the Hawaii or some other tropical country, then we cannot help you with the equipment to choose from. But if in your projects there’s a preparation of a home office, directly within the walls of your home, then here you will find some products that can be inspiring. Working at home is a serious issue, and deserves to be approached with a great design experience

[ Coat Range by Brave Space Design ]


Leveraging the contrast of Walnut to the exposed interior, this coat range is inspired by the image of a snowy mountain landscape. A useful object, but also a great visual impact in your studio.

[ Recycle Center by Nucraft ]


This elegant collection system will integrate seamlessly into your office, and you will maintain excellent habits for the environment.

[ Nestle by Stylex ]


These seats are green guard certified, they are designed thinking about environmental impact – You have to admit that is nicer to sit on something sustainable when working. . The different types and different colors, facilitate the best choice for your environment.

[ Seating for guests BuzziVube by Buzzi 3D Space ]


When you get them, you will have to accommodate guests, and what better alternative than these colored cubes can be left scattered or placed in an angle while maintaining their function of furnishing the space?

[ Confair Folding Table by Wilkhahn ]


Flexibility is very important, especially if you don’t have a room to dedicate 24/24 hours to your personal office. These conference table can accommodate both individuals or a group, so you can manage your space according to your needs.

[ Lumma Sliding panels by Lumma ]


For your concentration, but also to give more seriousness to your new accommodation, you’ll need a separator. Especially if you are in an open space. This system of sliding panels is made from translucent eco-resin and it is an A+Award Winner- Best product + Materials.

[ The Tetrad Line by Brave Space Design ]


The Tetrad shielding Line is a library that can be assembled in different shapes depending on how you place the blocks. It seems to play Tetris (to which the product design is inspired) while putting the modules attached to the wall or leave them in simple support

[ Flat screen arm by Doug Mackett & Company ]

if you love having the desk cleared in a moment and focus in few seconds on your physical living space, with this simple and ergonomic metal arm you can do it and you can also forget about the bulkiness of the PC.

[ Metal Wall Folders by Debra Falz Design ]


Guard and organize your paperwork and your documents on the walls of your home office. In this way, the desk should not bear excessive loads of sheets and paperwork, and you can enjoy your creative work without distraction and lack of space.

In the cover: [ The desk by USM Modular Furniture ]

The desk is the main element; it can be found for all tastes and of all sizes. USM offers a wide range of solutions from which you can take inspiration.

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