Fun and bizarre architecture photography

Bizzarre architecture

How can you make a project remembered indelibly? Sometimes a bit of creativity and fun can help!

It is the case of this series of bizarre architecture photography and videos in which, in addition to the conventional photoshoot, architects and photographers created some funny scenes ad hoc. A very original way to tell a project.

In the cover photo the photographer Amit Geron has immortalized a body upside down in the swimming pool of a villa of the Israeli architect Pitsou Kedem. Why and how the guest ended up floating like this is a mystery!

In this second shot, we see a hangover person who is probably still thinking about the night before. The apartment in question has been designed by the French studio Dank Architectes and is located in Lyon.

Here we can “admire” the fashion photographer Juergen Teller in his nude self-portrait riding a donkey. The location is the London studio of 6a Architects.

In this shot, the architects of the FREAKS freearchitects studio disguised themselves as “Napoleon” to be immortalized in their latest renovation project for an apartment on Rue de Rivoli in Paris. The reason? Because Napoleon Bonaparte himself once resided at that address.

Here we see a futuristic house in which two disturbing figures appear at the window. It is a villa in Madrid designed by the Z4Z4 studio.

There is nothing strange in this architectural photograph, except for the person hanging upside down from one of the windows. Photographed by Luis Diaz, it is a concrete house built by Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos.

For the Espinar House by architect Miguel de Guzmán, we move on to an actual video inspired by the fairy tale of Cappuccetto Rosso. Except that there are two wolves (!?), and the ending is a bit different from how I remembered it. This is probably the weirdest video I’ve ever seen to tell about an architecture project!

Photo copyright: architects and photographers are mentioned in their descriptions.

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