Even architecture (especially) must avoid the path of ineffective environmental activism

Toni Hamel is an artist who uses her oil paintings to explore the madness of human beings and their inadequate responses to important issues such as the climate crisis and social inequalities. In a humorous and satirical way, Hamel paints scenes in which figures carry out futile and unrelated actions to solve the problem, thus bringing error and futility to irrational conclusions. Her works are a form of protest and reflect her general concerns as an artist. Among the most representative works are the paintings “Activists,” which depict the melting of the Arctic and the figures trying to stop it with only words.

However, not only art, but also architecture must seriously consider the environmental impact of its creations. Too often, in fact, there is a tendency to limit oneself to slogans or empty promises, without taking concrete measures to reduce environmental impact. Instead, we must commit to reducing the use of materials harmful to the environment, designing energy-efficient buildings, and using renewable energy sources. Only in this way can we mitigate the impact of architecture on the environment and ensure a sustainable future for future generations.

While Hamel represents through her paintings the madness and irrationality of our actions, architecture has a duty to ensure the sustainability of its creations to preserve the world in which we live.

Photo Copyright: Toni Hamel – tonihamel.net@tonihamel_artist

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