Designing according to the principle of Permaculture, Ciclostile Architettura

Completed in 2019, in the magnificent territory of the “Colli Bolognesi”, by the Bologna-based studio Ciclostile Architettura, this house, called Ca ‘Inua, is an authentic masterpiece of architectural recovery.

“(The name derives from) Kainua is the ancient Etruscan city that stood near the current town of Marzabotto. Ca ‘is a reference to the toponyms typical of mountain farmhouses. Inua is an Inuit word that means ‘the essence of all things’, it is a spiritual concept that unites all beings and which is the principle of harmony between the living. The phonetic form of the Inuit term is the logo of the farm”

The architects tell the story of Domus

A complete transformation that has converted an old ruin – with an adjoining barn – into a contemporary home with a unique and eternal character. Thanks also to the choice of materials, both those preserved and those grafted.

The generating principle of the whole project is also very interesting, namely Permaculture.

“An integrated and synergistic system that makes the most of all resources without damaging the natural environment. These are general principles that the customer adopts for his agricultural activities, but which can be safely applied in our field, “

The Ciclostile team explains the concept of Permaculture to Domus.

A truly successful creation that also finds extreme care and attention to detail in the interiors. A project made of contrasts, soft materials to the eye and a natural and spontaneous beauty.

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