Daniel Buren colorful installation colorful installation at the Foundation Louis Vuitton


Foundation Louis Vuitton in  Paris is an awesome project inaugurated last year and designed by Frank Gehry. Daniel Buren, Architect and Artist has recently realized the colorful art installation “L’Observatoire de la lumière”, work in situ. Now, the white glassy curved sails of the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris have been stained with 13 vibrant colors. 

“It took 29 nights over a period of five weeks to apply the dyed filters and white 8.7 cm-wide strips throughout the building’s 3,528 glass panes.” as reported on Bustler

The intention on the architect Daniel Buren, known in Italy also for his very criticized intervention in Piazza Verdi, La Spezia – was that of change the perception of the entire structure. This aim has been fully achieved. visitors any guest may be mirrored between the reflections of this architecture and the countless facets that it offers.

When I visited Daniel Buren colorful installation I could not stop taking pictures for example – so many were the views and the chance to make some great pictures.

“…Frank Gehry asked me to come. He wanted to tell me how keen he was for me to do something. He imagined types of flags floating amidst his ‘sails’ on two of the terraces, partially covering them. I told him that I needed to take a closer look and that I thought it was already too late for the opening. The flags or other objects in the wind, I couldn’t imagine that. However, the use of coloured filters could be spectacular and interesting because of the complexity of the structure, of what is going on over them. I really like this controlled chaos…” Daniel Buren – to read the full interview on Daniel Buren colorful installation, visit Bustler.

Daniel Buren colorful installation

Foundation Louis Vuitton Frank Gehry

Daniel Buren Foundation Louis Vuitton

Foundation Louis Vuitton

Foundation Louis Vuitton Gehry

Foundation Louis Vuitton Paris

Daniel Buren Art Installation

Foundation Louis Vuitton

Foundation Louis Vuitton installation Louis Vuitton

All photographs ©Luca Onniboni – (do whatever you want, reminding us)

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