Carpa Olivera pool recovered by Colectivo Urbano

You can easily define the Carpa Olivera pool a magical place settled on the Olas Atlas Beach near the historic center of Mazatlan, Mexican town.

It was built in 1915, inspired by the Lisbon sea pools, with the aim of making it a gathering and entertainment public place. Its great exposure to the weather and a hurricane (in 1954) reduced it in a state of abandonment until 2015, when the architectural firm Colectivo Urbano decided to put together a beautiful and useful project.

In additions to recovering the existing functions and to resettle the pool, the study composed by five experts in design, landscape and urban planning, also included the new element of the spiral slide.

A very positive graft, defined by the same architects: “A Playful Element”

Carpa Olivera pool


Carpa Olivera pool

Foto Copyright: Onnis Luque

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