Carlo Scarpa Biennale’s Entrance and Ticketoffice in Venice


The Carlo Scarpa Biennale’s entrance and ticketoffice was designed on the occasion of the XXVI Venice Biennale, 1951-52, the venetian Architect was commissioned to design and implement a series of interventions and accommodations including a new entrance and a new ticket office.

The requirement of the project, dictated by the then secretary general Rodolfo Pallucchini, was to create a structure that would not impede the perspective view of the great avenue of access to the gardens of the Biennale. A lightweight and permeable building in wich you can see across. Carlo Scarpa designed an architecture defined by a circular body surmounted by a canopy with almond-shaped profile, with few materials and an excellent attention to details.

Carlo Scarpa Biennale

The structure of the Carlo Scarpa Biennale’s ticket office

The Carlo Scarpa Biennale’s masterpiece has a structure constituted by a base of concrete walls at 1.1 meters height – which have also been used for the fences all around, while the upper part to the base is totally in glass and iron uprights coated with different types of wood. Everything is “incorporated” under the shelter and its structure – It is composed by three cross-shaped pillars that come together in a structure that creates a coverage made of strips of wood and sails of cloth.

An authentic unique piece. A small project with a great soul. A soul donated by the Italian master Carlo Scarpa

Cover Photograph ©Luca Onniboni – (do whatever you want, reminding us), Photograph in the text ©David Provan on Flickr

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