Cabins that disappear into trees

Designed by local architects Bourgeois Lechasseur, these two contemporary cabins have seen their dream of being installed in the woods of neighbouring Québec City come true. Titled Reflection, the two twin cabins are located on a flat clearing near the Massif Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, a popular ski resort.

These small architectures aim to insert themselves into the landscape as if to make mimesis of it. This invisible approach centres on a fully mirrored glazed main facade that reflects the surrounding woods, with darkened wood slats covering the other three sides.

The project was conceived to be prefabricated to be installed on-site without any construction site problems. Therefore, each booth is made up of two modules that are shipped directly from the construction site.

Inside, each cabin is designed to accommodate up to six people, with everything you need for stays equipped with every comfort and even some small luxuries, such as the fireplace and the small outdoor spa.

Photo Copyright: Adrien Williams + Maxime Brouillet

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