BOB – The Award Winning Modular Sofa from Blå Station

BOB Modular Sofa

BOB, designed by Thomas Bernstrand & Stefan Borselius, is Blå Station’s new sofa, which is supplied by the linear metre. As a result of its narrow construction modules, BOB is an extremely versatile and self-evident modular sofa in moulded polyurethane with built-in connection fixtures. BOB consists of five unique, 26 cm wide modules which facilitate almost endless configurations: armchair, 2-seater, 3-seater, 10-seater or 50-seater; long, curved rows or lobby seating; with or without back and arm supports. It’s possible to choose its own configuration, and connect the modules together without tools. BOB is whatever we want it to be.

BOB was recognised for its innovative and flexible modular system with the Editor’s Choice Award for Best Product at this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair. The prize jury consisted of the very well known chief editors of four international design media; Marcus Fairs, Dezeen; Robert Thiemann, Frame Magazine; Chantal Hamaide, Intramuros and Costas Voyatzis, Yatzer. The jury’s verdict read:

“A clever idea that produces a flexible seating system with a clearly simple and inspirational aesthetic. A new modular typology that fits just as well into the home as a public environment.”

BOB Modular Sofa

Blå Station doesn’t take shortcuts

Blå Station, for more than 30 years, have interpreted contemporary challenges and worked closely with materials and technology to give shape to new living patterns. On the basis of their curiosity about the world that surrounds us, in combination with innovative technology and a genuinely sustainable approach, Blå Station creates new furniture for the most disparate needs. For Blå Station, it isn’t about selling thousands of chairs cheaply; instead what inspires Blå Station is how they put an idea into production. Above all, Blå Station loves examining how younger generations communicate, how they use rooms and objects, how they move together and separately.

This is where Blå Station finds the key to the future. Blå Station’s design philosophy therefore consists of more than just new solutions to old problems; instead, Blå Station is driven by investigating the design of the future – here and now. Blå Station isn’t afraid to experiment and step into previously unexplored territory – Blå Station´s philosophy is that we want to make a difference!

BOB Modular Sofa

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