The breathtaking Axiom Telecom Headquarter by MMA Projects

Axiom Telecom Headquarter

An iconic Headquarter in Dubai Silicon Oasis capable of binding and representing the Brand Identity of Axiom Telecom, a leading telecommunication company in the UAE.

This is one of the last challanges of the italian firm MMA Projects and consultants Dynamic Design. An outstanding project in Dubai which is striking for its simple complexity and which sets a reference point for the office complexes.

Axiom Telecom Headquarter comes from four assumptions and their relationships: Icon and Green Building, City, Garden and Technology. Furthermore, besides these initial guidelines, were added: Impact, Presence, Recognisability and Synesthesia. 

The design process rotates entirely on these concepts, giving life to a massive – but at the same time suspended and balanced – building. Cement, black glass, corten, these are the three key materials that have made possible to shape a “stone that comes from far away”, a visual and iconic landmark. 


Following the land topography, the complex hides the main garden, a green heart designed as a pattern that reveals in equal measure both indoor and outdoor spaces, giving life to multifunctional areas, where public and private intertwine harmoniously. 

The internal walkways are paths that intersect the distinct structures; they are the metonymy of the whole building, representing “clusters” designed to accommodate multiple functions. All this brings to a new way of living the office environment where collaboration between people is one of the main focal points of the project.

Axiom Telecom Headquarter

The plan is divided into three main blocks: the main aggregation area (restaurant, lounge bar, gym, spa, conference room), a central area dedicated to the operational and managerial activity, and finally the area assigned to the production and logistics operations, which is perfectly integrated with the rest of the building. 

The main garden is made up of a mix of low and tall trees, stone and wood surfaces, water mirrors and lights that create continuity and a unique sense of place. 

Axiom Telecom Headquarter is a journey through a visionary city suspended between industrial restoration and green, in a constant balance between public and private spaces.

MMA Projects
Axiom Telecom Headquarter
MMA Projects
MMA Projects
Axiom Telecom Headquarter

Project Information

Name of client: Axiom Telecom L.L.C.
Name of the contractor: China Railway 18th Bureau Group
Name of the project manager: Marco Mangili
Name of Architect/ Designer: Andrea Ronzoni (Project coordinator and project advisor) – Pasquale Aversario, Barbara Michielutti (Interior design) – Josef Kamelger, Giorgio Visentin, Adele Trimigno (Team) – Consultants: Pslab and Telmotor Spa (lighting consultant) – NEB (AOR, structural and mechanical) – Dynamic Design DMCC (PMO)
Project location: Dubai, UAE
Completion year: 2018
Square foot covered: 34.000 sqm
Brand/ Supplier details (carpets, lighting, partitions, furniture, etc): Pslab and Telmotor Spa (lighting consultant) – NEB (AOR, structural and mechanical) – Dynamic Design DMCC (PMO) – Gravity Trading (Furniture) – Arki Group (Furniture)

Photo Copyright: Tushar Naik

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