Attractive chairs by Vitra Miniatures Collection

Each of these chairs belonging to the Vitra Miniatures Collection is made with the same materials and moving parts of the original pieces. Sixty-nine seats are currently available within the “Vitra Design Museum Shop’s” and each piece is an exact scale 1: 6 of the actual size.

The prices are not exactly affordable, but this objects can definitely be great gifts for friends who are passionate with design or small pieces of furniture for your living room.

Personally, I have the Phantom Chair, and it always gives me a good deal of satisfaction every time my attention ends up above. Visit the official Shop Vitra Design Museum shop and discover the best design pieces








Miniature-Well-Tempered-Chair-Ron-Arad-1986.-All-images-courtesy-Vitra-Design-Museum Miniature-Wiggle-Side-Chair-Frank-Gehry-1972.-All-images-courtesy-Vitra-Design-Museum

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