Architecture is space not Art

Too often buildings are judged as paintings or canvases. They are defined beautiful or awful, on the basis of their superficial features, superficial meaning what appears on the surface, on the exterior. Until this confusion is made by “common people”, that only have a common educational ground, damages are limited (the history of art is thought transmitting the concept that the true art has stopped to exist with the Impressionists, if not with Canova). But if the misunderstanding takes place in the mind of an architect, the situation is serious, then.

The architect is entitled to construct a building, that will fill the territory in which it is placed and will influence its (of the territory) characteristics. The designer (meaning the one who makes the project) cannot limit his vision to the chair inside his office, vision limited by the people who surround him, he cannot create his personal and exclusive view of the architecture.
Each area has its own soul, history, the citizens have their own culture, habits- the difficulty of finding similar solutions in different contexts derives from here. For sure building inside the same nation it’s easier, but also the geography of the area influence a lot planning choices.

It’s easy to understand that is not possible to have one’s own signature, as artists have. An architect, but also a designer, is not defined “a priori”, he cannot impose his own view of construction. Or better, he will have his own vision and this will allow him to point out which are the problems of the project and to solve them more easily than anyone else, this is the only vision the architect has to be interested in. But this personal view will not give him any acknowledgment.
When painting a canvas, nobody cares about people who will go and see it, about its permeability and usability, about its acoustic and thermal isolation, nor about costs or spatial unsuitableness, nor about the context in which it is inserted.

This is not Architecture. Architecture is space.

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