Architecture against white

Esplanade Theatre

This work, called Architecture against white” is a selection of my photographs taken around the world that have one thing in common: their struggle against the sky.

I modified the colors to emphasize this fact and emphasize their plasticity in front of the world. This will show all their beauty, their matter, their substance. In the end only the buildings remain. They won the battle.

Parco della Musica
Renzo Piano | Parco della Musica, Roma
Dominique Perrault
Dominique Perrault | Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris
Moshe Safdie
Moshe Safdie | Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Architecture against white
Jakob & Macfarlane | Citè de la mode, Paris
Cortile del Podestà
Cortile del Podestà, Siena
Archea | Cantina Antinori, Firenze
Architecture against white
Boeri Associati | Villa Méditerranée, Marseille
FRAC Museum
Kengo Kuma | FRAC Museum, Marseille
Il lingotto
Mattè-Trucco | Il lingotto, Torino
Museo Maxxi
Zaha Hadid | Museo Maxxi, Roma
Firminy Vèrt
Le Corbusier | Church, Firminy Vèrt
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