Architectural posters by Pop Chart Lab

Beautiful Architectural posters of illustrations by the study Pop chart lab. They are on sale and may become a piece of furniture in your studio or in your home. We appreciated a lot those two works, the first one is a sort of compendium of water towers in Ney York City – While the second is wider: it represent all the structures that have made the history of architecture. Great.
Personally, I bought the second!

A roundup of NYC’s rooftop darlings, this visual compendium arrays a curated selection of the city skyline’s unsung signatures: its wondrous water towers. From the rainbow-tiled tower in DUMBO to the twin-tank setup in Midtown East to the lime-tinged filtration-point in Richmond Hill, Queens, over two dozen industrial artifacts have been richly hand-illustrated here, highlighting the heterogeneity of these high-rising hydro-structures. –

Architectural posters

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Marvel at the majesty of mankind’s many architectural achievements with this selection of celebrated super-structures from around the world. From the Greek Parthenon to Buckingham Palace to Taipei 101 to the Freedom Tower, this lineup of landmark landmarks limns 90 eminent edifices erected and perfected throughout history. Each breathtaking building has been beautifully hand-illustrated to scale in blueprint-like style—and is accompanied by notations for location, height, year of construction, and architectural mode. For the serious sight-seer, history hobbyist, or architectural aficionado, this collection of captivating cornerstones is sure to tower above all others. –

Architectural posters

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