An house in Tehran that rotates its rooms – Nextoffice

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This house in Tehran has an amazing feature – some of the rooms rotate to follow the sun’s rays, in order to take advantage of all the benefits that natural light and heating entail in terms of energy.

Architects, who designed this house that is very technological without neglecting the aesthetic side, say – “When the turning boxes are closed, the building captures the sunlight throughout the space of the central void, which also connects the two fixed volumes by suspended bridges”. 

“In summertime, Sharifi-ha House offers an open/transparent/perforated volume with wide, large terraces,” (…) “In contrast, during Tehran’s cold, snowy winters, the volume closes down, offering minimal openings and a total absence of those wide summer terraces.”

It’s the same method used in turning theater sets and car show floor exhibitions. Here, it is conjugated to a different scale and for different purposes, but the result is still spectacular and fascinating.




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