An Architect attitude: jogging around Landscape

An Architect attitude

A non-motivational argument of why you should get up your ass from your chair and discover what you already know.

The question is really simple: How do you feel the world around you?

Ok, I know, it could seem a trivial question…but is it?
Since you go out from your home, every morning, after you have locked the door, suddenly the world happen, all around you…but you are so used to it that you almost don’t even notice it. Maybe you would stare just for a moment to look at the clouds of the sky if it was a bright and sunny day or at the colours of the leaves during a normal day in autumn.

Ok. From now on, assume you are John, a normal person with a normal family and a normal job.

You have many things to do, John, alarm is ringing, coffee is ready, you shouldn’t waste time on daily routine -everything is already predicted and you are in late: take your shit and go to work, today’s raining and probably there’s congestion on the road, too.
John, this is your life. Don’t worry; you will buy that fantastic car! I am pretty sure you will.
But sometimes Sunday happens, which is perfect to be at open air, finally not overwhelmed by all your worries, finally free to breath fresh air.
And air smells free, johnnie.

I don’t want to complain about your lifestyle, from my point of view, if you really want that fucking car, do all the things in order to get it. But I am person with a very specific job, an architect, something quite similar to the designated driver- a person who you totally have to trust to, no chances. When you were having fun, he surely didn’t- he was there to help you, to carry you home, angry as fuck.

So I am here-and there are many others like me- to help you, trying to open your mind, angry as fuck.
But I don’t want to tell you how you should open your eyes, there’s a beautiful soul in the world, sunset is fantastic and so on… you already have a bride or a mum.

I am here to remember you just one thing. An unexpected thing.

We succeeded as humans not because our brains, not because our magic and unique tumble, we succeeded as humans because we run like hell.

There is no animal predisposed to running as humans, because we are basically built to run, not as speed as cheetahs, okay, but we have incredible resistance.
I am not telling you to hunt zebras, chasing them for kilometres equipped with bow and arrows.
I am telling you to run, simply.

Probably you are here, reading this article, because you are an architect, or a designer, or even more probably a person who still doesn’t know how to become part of this world, waiting for some kind of architectural advise. Don’t worry, it’s coming.

I won’t tell you that running is fantastic; I’m neither a personal trainer nor a motivator.

I am a smoker sometimes, but also a marathon runner.
It really depends by how much alcohol I drank.
So take from me just what you want to hear.
Running sucks, at first. Totally.
The day after your first 5 minutes jogging, the flesh of your body is pure pain
My best advise is to anticipate your alarm clock because you will need at least 10 minutes to take control of your limbs to get up from your bed.

And at this point, you can choose between 2 options:
-Giving up, because your sofa is calling your ass back and your body hurts
-Sticking to it because you have balls or a good attitude, it’s up to you

But if you are an observer?

This changes things.

Every person here, on this planet of multiscreen tablets, selfies, youtube, facebook, electronic device is able to see what he wants to see, when he wants, every time he wants, again and again.
It’s so incredible that it is not, no more.
But if you are an Architect, or a designer or a person who still doesn’t know his part in this world, you’ll probably got a good and different pair of eye-balls.

You have discovered that running is perfect to see things.
You are not so slow to get bored by surroundings.
You are not so fast to get focus just on the road.
You are driving your body through space, at the right rhythm.

It’s amazing how it is possible to discover new things from a background you though it was totally trivial.
“I’ve never seen a private garden here”

“And what the fuck is that?”

This is you, not drunk, not now, after having run through the roads you take every morning to go to work.
And it’s fun because you will ask yourself how is it possible.

There’s a fantastic such dramatic explanation.
While you move your body, through the city, the park or wherever you are, there’s a moment when your knees start creaking, your breath is poor, your head is something wet and sweat and you are near to give up.

Something similar to sex, isn’t it?

But instead of thinking to your sick grandma, you silly guys; your body, your god, your spirit of survival, call it how you want, anyway, this, will give you in this specific moment, when you are about to surrender, a gift, a simple relationship between you and the environment.

You really liquefy in it.
It’s pure magic.

It’s life, without any electronic filter.
And from this moment on, you will understand the real meaning of observing intensively a sunset when you’re out to make your dog poop, with a cell-phone in your hand.
You are a runner now; you see things to melt in them.

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