Environmental installation in Milan: 5 hectare of wheat field in Porta Nuova

Something incredible is just happened on July 9th in the heart of Milan, american artist Agnes Denes takes over five hectares of Milan’s Porta Nuova neighbourhood, transforming the site into an agricultural wheatfield, a giant environmental installation. Something really unconventional, which is not seen every day

The intervention has been realized by the Fondazione Riccardo Catella, in partnership with Fondazione Nicola Trussardi and Confagricoltura. The first example of this stunning ecological concept comes from New York (1982). The environmental installation will run during all the Expo 2015.

‘Plant seeds for the future generations to harvest‘

With this projects, Agnes Denes wanted to focus our attention to the environment – we have to make things better on this planet and transmit a good example for the future of generations to come.

Environmental installation

Environmental installation

Photography copyright @ agostino osio

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