A visual critic about “green sustainability”

How many times we associate the color green to something sustainable? How many thousands of advertisements exist who crave to label as “ecological” perpetually using the color green? But most of all .. what’s the point?

The Rotterdam based design team STAR strategies + architecture has created this series of photomontages ironic to criticize this trend of “All that is green is eco”. Their work – O’ Mighty Green – considers iconic buildings of architectural history and transforms them according to the commandment green, a story about the abuse of “Green” in architecture.


Green Superstudio: © STAR strategies + architecture, 2011

green sustainability

Green Pantheon: © STAR strategies + architecture, 2011

The Green is the common lie, the secret consensus, the perfect crime; everybody knows that it cannot be that good, that it cannot be that easy, but why bother? It sells, and there is enough Green for everybody. – archdaily.com

green sustainability

Environmentally Friendly Nuclear Power Plant, Dukovany: © STAR strategies + architecture, 2011


Berlin Eco-Wall, 1989: © STAR strategies + architecture, 2011


Green Auschwitz: © STAR strategies + architecture, 2011

green sustainability

Sustainable Cenotaph for Isaac Newton – Boullée, 1784: © STAR strategies + architecture, 2011

Source: Domusweb Dezeen

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