Kaira Looro Competition for Cultural Center


A tribute to the Africa’s culture in a remote place of the earth.

Hundred-years old cultures give birth to Communities, being transmitted through rhymes of those who are narrating it and interpretating tha past through wisdom. One’s accomplishments result from rituals and metamorphosis, bonding the human being to its own roots through dance, history, music, colours, flavours, materials and landscapes. Space and Matter relate themeselves with the power of rituals, drawing together the lines of an architecture encharged of passing and preserving History.


The planning of a Cultural Center for the city of Sedhiou aims to renovate the idenitity of the area, trying to reach the goal of creating a location where local cultures may have the chance to be told, passed on and preserved. This challenge sees the planning of an architectural structure as witness of the peaceful relation occurring among local ethnic groups and promoting, at the same time, preservation of local habits. The competitor will show his theme through a surprising and integrated design at once, developing a structure destined to be an Icon for the entire country, without weighing on the surrounding environment.


The international jury is composed by Kengo Kuma, T. Hirano (Università di Tokyo), A. Ghirardelli (SBGA), A. Muzzonigro (Stefano Boeri Architetti), R. Bouman (Mohn+Bouman Architects), C. Magni (ASF), Angelo Ferrara, Pilar Diez Rodriguez, R. Kasik (X Architekten), S. D’Urso (Università di Catania), G. Mazzaglia (Kaan Architects), I.Lutri (In/Arch), R. Vecchio (Balouo Salo).


The contest will officially open in January 2018 and will follow this schedule:
Early registration – from 15 January to 13 February 2018
Normal registration from 14 February to 10 March 2018
Late registration – 11 March to 4 April, 2018
Competitions deadline – April 25 , 2018
Winners announced – 20 May 2018

To enter the contest, partecipants have just to fill out the registration form in the official website.


1st Place: € 2,500 + Internship at Kengo Kuma Associates at Tokyo Office+ Publication + Exposure
2nd Place: € 1,000 + Publication + Exposure
3rd Place: € 500 + Publication + Exposure
2 honorable mentions: € 150 + Publication + Exposure
5 mentions: Publication + Exposure
10 finalist: Publication + Exposure

All the awarded proposals will be transmitted to architectural magazines and websites, will be hosted in international exhibitions.


For more information go to official website

Download the notice of competition (en | fr | it | es | pt | ru | 中国語 | ال†عر†ب†ي†)

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