Situated at the centre of the town of Albino in Valle Seriana, the micro-apartment of just 25 sqm has been designed for a local couple, of Italian and Persian origin. It consists of the complete restoration of an open porch, once used as a storage area, contiguous to a private garden. Francesca Perani’s attitude towards […]

GISELA store
Retail Design

Gisela, a Spanish lingerie brand with an innovative approach to pattern and materiality, is opening the new flagship store in Malaga, Spain. The new store concept design by Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari is a mixture of hard and soft elements, combining handmade curtains, irregular partitions, and unique columns. It want to pays homage to the contemporary […]


Completed in 2019, in the magnificent territory of the “Colli Bolognesi”, by the Bologna-based studio Ciclostile Architettura, this house, called Ca ‘Inua, is an authentic masterpiece of architectural recovery. “(The name derives from) Kainua is the ancient Etruscan city that stood near the current town of Marzabotto. Ca ‘is a reference to the toponyms typical […]


Civil engineering masterpieces that express power just by looking at them. A power that is able to move vehicles, people and masses like no one would have dreamed before the 20th century. Infrastructures that, driven by technological progress and collaboration between professionals from multiple sectors, tame the world according to human needs. By grafting works […]

Thibaut Malet

Thibaut Malet grew up in Montepellier, France, wandering and working as an assistant at his father’s workshop, home to the family company for several generations. From an early age he therefore had the opportunity to observe, experience and understand this wonderful artisan world and although he never officially studied to follow the footsteps of his […]

Emmanuelle Moureaux
Urban Furniture

Known for her large-scale installations, Emmanuelle Moureaux’s first public art sculpture has been unveiled in the new well-being distric in Tokyo, Japan. The sculpture is titled ‘mirai’, meaning ‘the future’ in Japanese. As part of Moureaux’s ongoing ‘100 colors’ installation series, ‘mirai’ visualizes the next 100 years to come (2020 to 2119) in 100 different shades […]


A unique Canadian home that has set the standard for combining striking, modernist features with classical European design. Villa Cortile is the product of an in-house collaboration between Audax’s Interior Design and Architecture teams, and exemplifies our holistic approach to design. The shared vision was masterfully executed and resulted in a stunning, Italian-inspired home in […]